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For now, here is a link to the Living Magazine, Summer 2014 Issue.    Geranium and Ginger essential oils get a closer look — how to use Zendocrine essential oils and gel caps — making doTERRA a part of your summer adventures (think at least TerraShield to keep away mosquitoes or Eucalyptus to put a stop to the ant train – they just go away, no killing necessary!) — recipes for a back-yard bash — and a centerfold that is a doTERRA Journey to Wellness family board game!  How much fun is that?  Along with Ask Dr. Hill and some great weight loss stories, there is also a Dudes Welcome and Girl’s Guide that includes a fabulous foot scrub.  Enjoy.


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Keeping our skin healthy starts on the inside. Yet it is an inside out – outside in kind of world, so we can start where our heart lies. In the case of skin care, we benefit from both or either approach, so let’s go.

Pop over to the doTERRA blog and read about our essential skin care needs in a post called Essential-skin-care-needs-psst-one-size-does-not-fit-all.

We’ll talk more later about the specific products, so enjoy till then.

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